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Virginia Aqua-farmers Network


Welcome From the president

Lynn Blackwood Van president

  It is turning out to be a very busy year for Virginia aqua-farming. The channel catfish and hybrid bass are on the farms and doing well despite the drought. Most of the prawn have been harvested with success. We did not get the contracts established with the distributors as we had hoped that would support VAN, but pond bank sales have gone well. The rainbow trout will be hitting our waters in late November in order to make an April '08 harvest.

We are hoping to start our search for a VAN manager in late December to mid January. We are applying to the Tobacco Commission for assistance with this vital part of our mission. We have two SARE grant applications going in for developing a solar power system suitable for our ponds and for developing a specific "brand" for our products.

The Virginia Aquaculture Conference in Williamsburg November 16-17 will feature freshwater production models and I will be presenting VAN at that time.

Yes, indeed, it is a busy time for Virginia Aqua-farming, but it is an exciting time as well. Keep up the hard work as we move forward

Dr. Lynn Blackwood, President
Virginia Aquaculture Association
President, Virginia Aqua-Farmers Network, LLC



The Virginia Aquaculture Conference
November 16-17, 2007
George Washington Inn and Conference Center