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How to Raise Freshwater Prawn for Fun and Profit


Learn how easy it is to Raise Freshwater Prawn for Fun and Profit .

With 41 pages of information in easy to understand step by step

 instructions to help you get started raising Freshwater Prawn(macrobrachium Rosenbergii).

Whether you want to raise prawn in a pond or raise them in tanks,

Or if you just want to learn more about Freshwater prawn farming.

This E-book will help give you the basic knowledge to get started raising Freshwater prawn and can save you thousands of dollars.

You'll learn the best places to buy the proper equipment so you dont waste money buying things twice or even worse buying things that dont work and you lose your prawn.

If you order now we will send you updates as we add new information and revision's absolutely free.

And as a valued customer when you order our ebook we will send you access to our video's

How to properly check ph in your Freshwater Prawn Pond and How to Prepare for Freshwater Prawn harvest .

Order your E-book for only 19.95!  and get your instant download and free video's.

follow us on twitter @ vashrimpn then tweet us "give me the free report "and we will also send you the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch report on freshwater prawn free with your order.

raise Prawn like this