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Now Accepting Orders For 2019. Virginia and North Carolina Only.
We are looking updating our site soon. We will be moving to Http:// soon as this site is out of date with technology.. 

Please contact us if you need Freshwater Prawns for 2019. We hope to have 1 run of juvenile prawn this year. Depending on weather Prawn will be available for pick up  late May or 1st week in June 2019

Cost is still at .10 ea ..So please contact us if you need to order quanities are limitied. 

We Cannot Ship Prawn, Please Contact Aquaculture Of Texas 817-594-4872 For Availability In Your State.

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"How To Start Your Own Prawn Nursery".

One of the biggest problems when raising freshwater prawn is the lack of juvenile prawn for stocking. That is why we have put together this video training series on how to start a prawn nursery so you can raise your own prawn for stocking your pond or aquaphonic system or to supply other growers in your area this course will show you how to set up and run your own freshwater prawn nursery. This is information you won't find on the internet and it has taken us years to work on the techniques to have a good survival and make money running our nursery. Click on the link below to see how you can start making money selling juvenile freshwater prawn. New Special Offer get our course and get complete course including our ebook on pond management for only $49.00 . Learn how to sell your own juvenile prawns or just raise them to stock your own ponds. 


So you wanna raise Freshwater prawns?

DSCN4953.JPGWhether a backyard hobbiest or into commercial production we can help with your questions, and help get you on your way to raising your own freshwater prawns (macrobrachium).

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Monday, May 20, 2013

New E-Course available How To Start Your Own Prawn Nursery.

We'll another prawn season is in the books and most of the prawn are residing in their new homes.
We still have a few prawn left to go out but for the most part we have delivered most of our orders.
One of the biggest things that is holding Freshwater prawn marketing and raising prawns back in the United States is the lack of nurseries. When farmers know that they can get their prawn locally more farmers are willing to try prawn farming. When we started our nursery there were 2 farmers in the state of Virginia.  Now we sell prawn to about 14 farmers in the state of Va and NC. We move between 200,000 and 300,000 juvenile prawn out to farms annually. This is not a get rich or work from home all the time business but is a way to provide nice supplemental income if done right... Now notice last statement if done right. As you can see from the past we have had fires and all kinds of learning experience after 6 years anything that can happen usually will so you have to try to be prepared for anything. So that is why we are putting together this new training series on How to build a freshater prawn nursery.. This will not teach you how to hatch prawn. it will not teach you how to raise them to full size in tanks. This will teach you how to set up a nursey and to run your business for a few months and make money. It will be a video series on setting up a nursery. How to raise the prawn and then how to deliver the prawn to your customers. So if you would like a nice part time income check out our new video training page for more details.

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juvenile prawn ready for pond stocking

Juvenile Freshwater prawn(macrobrachium) are stocked in our tanks in March-April and ready to move to grow out ponds in June.
Prawn are then fed a diet of high protein feed in pristine waters to grow a natural and Sustainable product.
Ponds are drain harvested in September and early October.
Harvests as high as 1,000 lbs per acre are possible. 

We are proud members of the following organizations:

Virginia Aqua-Farmers Network
Virginia Aquaculture Association
United States Prawn Growers Association

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Full grown prawn ready for harvest